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  How to Safely Use a Dildo  
How to Safely Use a Dildo

Sex toys in general are usually meant for personal use and manual stimulation. However, dildos are often considered as the most physically demanding sex toy since they usually don’t do anything unless they are moved voluntarily. They normally include no special, individually moving components or battery-operated sensations like vibrators. Nevertheless, they can be great toys for beginners since they are not as complicated and intimidating.
Unfortunately, most dildos do not come equipped with instructions despite the great variety available in the market. Therefore, it is best that you familiarize yourself with a few standard safety procedures regarding dildo use. Learning these tips will ensure that you have a safe and fun time with your new toy.
First time dildo buyers are recommended to be particularly picky when deciding on their purchase.  It is likely that a bad first experience will deter you from actually learning to correctly use your dildo to achieve the best stimulation.
Dildos are usually shipped to their owners as inconspicuous packages. However, although you might be overly excited to try out your new toy, you should still remember to check it for any tears, holes, sharp edges, or other defects. It will be used on a very sensitive area of your body and any manufacturing flaws could cause you great harm.
When using your dildo for the first time it is best to start slow. You should also find a safe and private area so that you can concentrate on pleasuring yourself with your new toy. You can get the best satisfaction from your dildo if you are thoroughly relaxed, aroused, and comfortable.
Dildos rely on your own physical capacity and endurance in order to move. This means that you can start and stop whenever you want. Experimentation will help you find out the methods that work for you. However, it is still recommended that you start slowly at first in order to get aroused. Maintain a steady rhythm in order to get the best results and simply speed up when you feel that you are about to peak.
It is also recommended that first time users choose a smaller-sized dildo since they are less intimidating and are much less painful during first penetration. Likewise, you should always use either condoms or personal lubricants on your dildos.
Lubricants will help the dildos slide in without causing pain or small tears. Meanwhile, condoms will prevent you from getting a possible allergic reaction to the dildo material as well as make clean-up much faster and more efficient.
Although it is not recommended to share dildos due to the risk of obtaining sexually-transmitted diseases, using a condom could possibly prevent the risk.  However, regardless of whether you use a condom or not, it is extremely important that you sterilize your dildo after every use since it is something that you place inside your body. Hand washing is the best method to clean your dildo, although some silicon-based toys can be boiled in water.
Most dildos are for vaginal use only. However, some specially constructed dildos with flared bases can also be used for anal play. It is particularly important that you remember to thoroughly clean your toy after using it for anal use before using it again for vaginal penetration. Boiling your dildo in between uses will prevent you from contracting possible diseases.

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